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All right~ this is the place where I post things that interest me and things that I love. There is no definitive mark that limit my interest and obsession. It can be anything from otome game, movies and even to just stupid thing no one really care. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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It’s already the end of July. Time sure fly by without us realizing it. So many things happen this month both good and bad but in the end I am just glad we manage to end this month safely.

Anyway, this month we have seen so many release of new otome games and already before August start it have been confirm 2 otome games will be release (well as far as I know). I’m not complaining but there’s so many otome games right now that I hardly able to play all of them.

Since I mostly play the free version I currently feel bombard by lots of event. Even right now I try to play the event from MFW: PARTY, My Sweet Prince+, Destiny Ninja, Mononoke Kiss+, Lost Island+, Cinderella Contract and so on. I am just glad that most event is the type of collect and win. I know I won’t be able to finish all but having extra item to use is nice.

So many updates, so many new things to look forward in August and unfortunately so little time and batteries for my phone. Yet I will try to enjoy all of them and I hope so do you^^

Enough of my ramblings~ hope you have fun and a great day <3

MFW:PARTY~ Secret Love Island Event Cooking Battle^^



u guysssssssssssss! 

i feel like this is necessary to have on my tumble



u guysssssssssssss! 

i feel like this is necessary to have on my tumble

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[Edits] Dreamy Days in West Tokyo

1) Screenshot your desktop
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3) Screenshot your blog
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Talk about extravagance

…. Something definitely wrong…

Wow…. that’s unexpected

Happy Birthday Yamato <3 Welll~ I know this post is a bit late but better late than never I say^^

Yamato B’day Event Cooking Battle~ Enjoy

My condolences to the member of family and friends of flight MH17. This is a great tragedy and my heart weep along for all the victim. This kind of tragedy shouldn’t happen but no words or tears can change it now. So all I can give is my sincerest prayer and condolences to all who involve.

Hi ladies~ 1st event (or should I say second?) for MFW Party is here and it’s a special event for Yamato’s Birthday.

So from the banner above it seem Yamato will have two story and if you choose to spend time with him as couple you can get special image^^ Not only that, finish all two route and you will get two special avatar.

Now~ enjoy ladies^^

Hi ladies~ do you recognise this man? If you play William Taylor’s route in Forbidden Love then you definitely should recognise him^^

Ladies (and gentlmen) meet Jack Taylor the newest addition to your harem in Forbidden Love. He is the hot doctor and William’s brother. Enjoy his new route^^

I just gained a level in My Forged Wedding: PARTY! What about you? #MyForgedWeddingPARTY